Sunday, May 2, 2010


MAY 2nd 2010

IF you can get the detroit free press newspaper, they have 3 coupon inserts this week. P&G savers, smart source and red plum. Coupons I know that are worth it right off is the Downy Fabric softener and the Bounty paper towels.

At kroger Bounty is 1.09 a piece everyday. The coupon is for 1.00 of of 2.
1.09 + 1.09 = 2.18 2.18- 2.00 = 18
18 cents for 2 paper towels is cheaper than buying them at the dollar store!!!!!!

I will be going tomorrow to check the new sales for this week and post another blog with the coupons to use this week.

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until tomorrow
Happy Shopping!

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