Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RED BOX promo codes (free MOVIE RENTALS)

Ok here is how this works... go to a redbox kiosk at a KROGER grocery store. When your on the main screen there is an option at the bottom to rent with a promo code hit that button then type in one of the codes below. you will still need to swipe your credit/debit card but that is only in case you take them back late ( they need to charge you a late fee)
I rented "remember me" and "my family wedding" for FREE today

Promo Codes


ONLY AT WALGREENS and you can only use them once per debit card/ so if u have a different card u can use it again

and if you have a walgreens close with a redbox kiosk there try
DVDATWAG ( I used this on last night and got the "THE BACK UP PLAN" which was a very good movie.

I can always post more... let me know if they work for ya :) enjoy

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