Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday August 29th

This week I am definately going to have some fun. There were 3 coupon inserts in the paper. Redplum, smartsource, and my personal favorite P&G saver.

There were alot of great coupons in ALL of them!

The bounty paper towel one is always a great one, you can get them at kroger (bounty basic) for 9 cents each with the coupon for 1.00 off any 2 single rolls of paper towel.

I have also recently starting buying coupons online on ebay. I can buy a specific coupon that I want and get 20 or more of them at a time.

Glade candles was another good one this week. They are on sale at kroger this week for 2.99 and with the 1.00 off coupon (doubled of course) it is 99 cents for one candle.

I am still searching thru my local stores there were so many coupons and I am a mother of 3 that I wasnt able to look at everything! But I will post more as I find where the best deals are at.

Thanks for reading, Happy Savings



For the people who are local and get to a vgs there was a coupon in the paper for 1.00 off any OFF THE BONE lunch meat! You can get them for 79 cents a tub at VG's FOOD CENTER!

Also the boxes of wakisobe ramen they are 10 for 10 right now at kroger and the coupon is for .55 cents off you pay NOTHING!!!!!

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