Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hottest Printable Coupons for this week!

im going to start making it easier every week for people to get the best printable coupons on the internet. im going to go a top ten list of search terms to show you how i get the best coupons of the week in print. this will be from 10 to 1 and 1 being the hottest. and ill attach our coupon search engine by google right to the post so everyone can find them easier. just copy and paste the exact terms to the seach engine. click submit and then click the links given it the list and wala your saving BIG!. so here we go!

10. purex complete 3-in-1 5. schick disposable razors
9. kandoo flushable wipes 4. kool-aid fizzers
8. sure deodorant 3. always tampons
7. crest toothpaste 2. colgate toothpaste
6. fiskies party mix 1. noxzema bikini shave & trim

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